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Correction Fluid w/ Foam Brush (2/Pk) | 0.7 FL OZ (20 mL)

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  • 0.7 FL oz. (20ml) Correction Fluid w/Foam Brush, White Out Wipe Out Fluid, for Office School & Home (2/Pack)
  • NO MORE MISTAKES!. We've got you covered with our assortment of correction fluids, tape, and pen. You don't have to worry about re-doing your work due to a minor mistake. Our colorful selection of correction products comes in different shapes and sizes.
    20ML / 0.7 FL. OZ. CORRECTION FLUID W/ FOAM BRUSH. The new foam brush applicator makes it easier to apply. Correct mistakes quickly and easily on copies, handwritten documents, or printouts. Faster drying. Extra coverage.
  • FREE DELIVERY to USA address