Get An Exciting Solid Chess Set and a Specific-purpose Display Rack!

Get An Exciting Solid Chess Set and a Specific-purpose Display Rack!

Chess has been a popular and rousing indoor board game played between two players (often intellectuals) for a long time. It is a conceptual strategy game played on a chess board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Each player has 16 (white or black) pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The game's objective is to get the opponent's king under attack, leaving no escape. The game can end in a win-loss situation or a draw.

  • Chess Set

Diverse chess sets comprising 1 check board and 32 chess pieces are available from different manufacturers. Metal Figures Chess Set with 3D-Theme Decorative, they are made with various materials. The chess sets made with lightweight materials are uncomfortable as the pieces are not heavy enough to stand firm on the board; they keep falling and mar the game if the player forgets the previous moves. Moreover, the typical boards made with cardboard do not last long. True chess lovers always prefer unique, long-lasting, solid chess sets to play. We offer a Metal Chess Set with 3D-Theme Decorative 3 in 1 Game Combo | SKULL, an excellent durable set for chess enthusiasts. 
  • Special Attributes of Metal Chess Set with 3D-Theme Decorative 3 in 1 Game Combo | SKULL

Our chess board has a tempered glass board and decorative base for storing all 32 pieces separately. The chess pieces are in ivory or red color and carved into skull form to make them attractive. The players can easily play the game with solid pieces fixed to the chess boards and board and keep all the content safe while not in use. Moreover, they can proudly display it as a work of art to their friends and familiars and flare up their interest in the game.
  • Racks

Racks are regular items at home, supermarts, retail showrooms, stationery stores, libraries, receptions, and other places. Many kinds of racks, made with different materials, structures, sizes, and colors, are available to suit the purpose of the users. Each type of rack serves a specific purpose. 

Why Special Racks for Styrofoam Board?

Diverse rack materials include glass, metal, acrylic, wood, and others. A rack in a retail store is used to display and organize the merchandise. We offer Display Rack for Styrofoam Board 10-Shelves Organizer | Size 20" X 30" to keep foam boards of different colors and dimensions. Styrofoam board is a robust and lightweight material with three layers, comprising core polystyrene or polyurethane layer. It is easy to cut, color, and bond, so it is prone to spoilage due to mishandling or misplacement. Its safe storage and easy display require a separate arrangement.

How Does Our Rack Serve the Purpose?

The stationery stores can use it to exhibit their collection of multi-colored foam boards used for POP displays, exhibits, kiosks, framing, interior signage, and digital printing. They can safely store, organize, or lay the foam boards straight as per their color in the 10 selves. A narrow gap among shelves allows no exposure to other damage-causing items. Moreover, multiple shelves permit more storage and display simultaneously.


Concluding Words

Though chess sets and racks are traditional items, they have ever-lasting relevance and utility. The manufacturers of these items come up with new variants and designs to make them appealing and valuable to the users. We endeavor to offer durable, innovative, and classy items from such manufacturers and satisfy our customers.