Make Your Child’s Initial Learning Easy with Half-Page Unruled Top Journal Books!

Make Your Child’s Initial Learning Easy with Half-Page Unruled Top Journal Books!

The school-going children need various items, including educational books, notebooks, pens, pencils, schoolbags, art and craft books, colors, and many other articles in their learning journey. A primary composition notebook is an essential educational item for Kindergarten to K5 students who write many things ranging from the alphabet to questions and answers. It stands out with its simple, blue-and-red design and is durable. The young children find it easy to carry in their bags and adjust on their pads or desktops in school or at home. Many charity enterprises prefer to donate notebooks to needy students to help them learn literacy basics and study further.

Why is Our Primary Journal Composition Book Different from Others?

Several notebooks are available in different sizes and designs. The primary journal composition book offered by us is different from other notebooks. It is available in dimensions of 9.75 x 7.5 inches with 100 sheets. It has a half-page unruled top for drawing or picture requirements of kindergarten students and the rest page with wide-ruled lines for writing. It is highly suitable for the learning requirements of preschool kids as they see or draw the picture and then write, helping them grasp more by relating with images. The kids from preschool and grades K thru 2 can use these half-page journals to practice handwriting, coloring, and drawing. The journal serves the dual purpose of writing and art & craft.

The following make our primary journal composition books popular and helpful,

  • They are A+ teacher-approved K2 primary composition notebooks, conforming to the handwriting methods of Mcdougal-Littel, Zaner Bloser, and D’Nealian.
  • They have a sufficient number of sheets (100 sheets=200 pages), allowing kids to practice more and hone their writing skills progressively.
  • They have a solid structure with each dotted page and hardcover securely sewn-bound together, limiting splits.
  • Each page has guided primary-ruled lines to position letters on the red baseline easily. The crafted lines help kids learn how to write the alphabet correctly.
  • The primary journal composition book has a manuscript and cursive alphabet guide on the back and front of the cover.

Popular Among Parents, Preschools, and Students

Many parents and preschools connect with us for these books as they find this composition book perfect for young writers. The teachers recommend them to the students and their guardians as the books offer what they need for a kindergarten classroom. These quality books are constructive in practicing initial stage writing at home or school. The charitable, educational institutions buy them in the pack of 24 at much lower prices from us to distribute among preschool students.

We provide these composition books in packs of 2, 4, 12, and 24 and offer more discounts with more books. We supply separate art accessories and art and craft books for younger and grown-up kids. For preschoolers, glitter glue, modeling and clay, colors, and other craft essentials are available at our place. People also prefer to buy board games, puzzles, games and toys, calculators, education books, office supplies, and other stationery items from us.