Make Your Get Together Exciting with Domino Games!

Make Your Get Together Exciting with Domino Games!

Whenever we hear the word Domino, a visual of Domino’s pizza comes into our minds. In reality, the word Domino has come from the popular game played with a set of 28 rectangular tiles resembling dice. Each domino tile has a central line bifurcating it into two ends having a specific number of dots (pips). In contrast, their backs are plain and indistinguishable. People worldwide recognize a domino set by other names such as domino deck or pack and call its pieces bones, rocks, stones, men, cards, or just dominoes. People unfamiliar with this game can think of it as a generic game set, similar to playing cards or dice.

A domino tile has a length double its width and features a line dividing it into two squares. Each square has a certain number of dots ranging from none to 6. The sum of the number of dots on each square is the rank or weight of a tile. The participants recognize each tile based on value, for example, deuce-five, five-deuce, or 2-5, 5-2.

Domino Game

The popular games played with domino sets include Whilst, Matador, Muggins (All Fives), Double Fives, Texas 42, Chicken Foot, Concentration, and Mexican Train. The British players play Fives and Threes with domino sets in the popular league and pub games.

Two, three, or four participants can play domino games. Two teams with two members each make the moves in the domino game enjoyable. Most people play layout games with a domino set. The layout game can be blocking games and scoring games. Blocking games aim at emptying one’s hand while blocking opponents and the players determine the score by counting pips in the losing players’ hands. In contrast, in scoring games, the maximum score is the objective, which happens during gameplay. However, different versions of the domino game are prevalent in diverse countries, making it interesting and exciting for players.

Domino Game Play

At the start, players place all the tiles face down on the table and shuffle them as in card play. Each player draws seven tiles from the pile to create a hand, concealing the domino values. If the number of players is three or four, each participant draws 5 tiles. The rest of the tiles work as the draw pile, popularly called boneyard.

Domino Set

As mentioned earlier, a standard western domino set, also known as double 6 professional dominoes, has 28 pieces marked with different numbers of dots. Many new party domino sets are available with 58 or 91 tiles, allowing a larger number of players. The players know them by double 9, double 12, and double 15 sets. However, a double 6 professional domino set remains popular irrespective of time and place. The players should prefer durable domino sets whose tiles are bigger and solid, weigh more than 1.5 lbs in total, and come with a cardboard box.