Rummy Tile Game - An Ever-exciting Mind Exercise Game For All!

Rummy Tile Game - An Ever-exciting Mind Exercise Game For All!

Games and toys are an integral part of childhood and growing up years. Most moms have raised their kids by introducing new games to them and playing with them. And all adults undoubtedly cherish the sweet memories of those games and golden days throughout their lives.


Though time has evolved, and so have the games, some mind exercise games such as rummy tile sets have not changed. During the initial stage of the introduction of this game, the people knew it as a child of Rummy - a card-based popular game, as both the games share similar rules and features. Then they began to call it Rummikub or Rummikub, and now all players know it by rummy tile game. Let us know what makes this game exciting.


What Does the Rummy Tile Game Involve?


A rummy set has two sets of 52 tiles numbering 1 to 13 in four colors, viz., black, red, blue, and orange, and 2 joker tiles, making them 106 tiles in total. The rummy tile game has two or four players; the participants mix all these tiles at the beginning of the game.
Each player picks a tile, and the player who picks the tile with the highest number begins the play, which continues in a clockwise direction as in rummy. Every participant initially has 14 or 16 tiles, and they take turns putting down tiles from their respective racks into runs of at least three while drawing a tile if they cannot play. The Sabra version of the rummy tile game is widespread, wherein a player can work with the already played tiles. Manipulations of existing tiles, scoring, and winning make this game more thrilling.

Deluxe Rummy with Wooden Racks


The rummy tile game is an exciting mind exercise game that has maintained its popularity among kids throughout the decades. To cater to the kids' interests, we provide a high-quality rummy tile set with wooden racks in a handsome leatherette case box. Our Deluxe Rummy Set is a refined version of the previously available rummy tile set. The following features make it unique.
  • Solid leatherette case to keep tiles and racks securely.
  • Unbreakable tall wooden racks 
  • Durable, large, moderately heavy tiles 
  • Quickly discernible colored bold numbers on tiles

Experience of Players with Our Deluxe Rummy with Wooden Racks


The players find our rummy tile set better than the earlier ones with lightweight plastic tiles as our set contains heavy tiles and unbreakable solid wooden racks. They love easy-to-read tiles, and the dimension of wooden racks as their height does not allow other players to see how many tiles the player has left during the game, adding excitement to the game.
Many rummy tile game fanatics find it worth the investment for its durability and safe storage feature due to a sturdy case resembling a mini briefcase. However, the white rummy tiles accumulate dirt and turn yellowish; in such cases, the users can clean them with baking soda, hot water, or alcohol.


The Bottom Line


The kids love to spend their time playing many of our games, including board games and rummy tile sets, toys, and puzzles. All these items enrich their lives by making them playful and joyous while sharpening their intelligence.