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Electric Guitar Toy With Sound And Lights

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Electric Guitar Toy With Sound And Lights

Features Designed to look and feel like a real electric guitar with lots of colorful details
Interactive lights and music: This rocking guitar can play several different notes and tunes. (5 AA Batteries Required - Not Included)
Kids can learn to develop an interest for music and thrive off of it when they start growing up
Built with hand motion detection near the center - Music will start playing when it detects the hand.
This will bring hours of musical fun for kids and a great method  to introduce them to music for them too.
Dimensions 15" x 4" x 9"

Remember getting your first real 6 strings? Well your little toddler can too! Well kind of... This rocking electric guitar is going to rock your kid's world. The electric guitar is designed to have the shape of a real guitar and also is very colorful for kids to enjoy. Rock out with 20 interactive button that kids can press, so they can hear different tunes. Jam with all the music notes and tune to create your own music and maybe your kid will start their own rock band!

Recommended Age: 3+

Package Contents:
1 x Electric Guitar Toy with Strap