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Forklift & Truck Play Set

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Forklift & Truck Play Set


Features Forklifts up and down as you move the wheels
The truck comes with Two Cargo Box and a Pallet to lift
Pullback Friction Powered motor
Made of high-quality ABS material
Dimensions: 16.5x4.5x6.5"
Dimensions 16.5x4.5x6.5"
Weight 3 lbs


Move boxes and transfer them to a new playground with these two toys! Forklift and the Truck can help move any load with its pullback friction-powered motor! This motor allows the fork in the forklift to move up and down by rolling a wheel! Makes a great gift for any child!

Package Contents:
1 x Forklift With A Pallet
1 x Truck With 2 Cargo Box