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Adjustable Dumbbell Toy Set For Kids

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Adjustable Dumbbell Toy Set For Kids


Features Fun, Colorful Dumbbell Set
6 Weight Plates, Dumbbell Bar, 2 Lock Collars
Fill with Sand or Water
Dimensions 14" x 8" x 6"
Weight 2 lbs

This adjustable dumbbell set is really fun. Play with it at home or at the beach. Show off your strength by lifting this dumbbell with ease. This dumbbell set includes 6 weight plates, 1 dumbbell bar, and 2 lock collars. Place one, two, or three weight plates on each end of the dumbbell bar and lock it into place using the lock collars. The weight plates comes in 3 different sizes: small (150ml), medium (250ml), large (400ml). This dumbbell set starts at 1lb and can increase when it is filled with either water or sand. Dumbbell measures 14" x 6" x 6". It's also very colorful with smooth edges. Your kids will love this dumbbell set!

Package Contents:
1 Dumbbell Bar
6 Weight Plates
2 Lock Collars