Sesame Street Flash Card.
Sesame Street Flash Card.
Sesame Street Flash Card.
Sesame Street Flash Card.

Educational Flash Cards Sesame Street | Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, & Words

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  • Educational Flash Cards Sesame Street
  • Picture ABC Letters Words & Color Geometry Shape & Number & Alphabet,
  • Card Game Education Training Learning Practice, for Beginner Kids Kindergarten
  • Building your child's vocabulary has never been so much fun! This flashcard deck teaches beginning word, help kids identify uppercase and lowercase letters.
    Number cards help develop counting and number recognition skills, and can give them practice ordering numbers!
    Color and shape card helps your children practice important concepts for early learning.
    The parent cards offer lots of additional activities and games you can play with your children to extend learning in practical ways.
    Kids will love to learn early skills along with their Sesame Street flashcard. Each pack contains colorful educational flash cards. Perfect for classrooms, preschools, daycare centers, and at home. Includes Sesame Street flashcards, assorted among the following titles: Colors; ABC's; Beginning Words; and Numbers.
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