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Frizz Assorted Color Erasable Gel Pen with Grip | 3 Ct

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Frizz Assorted Color Erasable Gel Pen with Grip


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3 Pack (3 x 3 Ct = 9 Ct)

12 Pack (12 x 3 Ct = 36 Ct)

24 Pack (24 x 3 Ct = 72 Ct)

Type Frizz Assorted Color Erasable Gel Pen with Grip
Color Assorted

FRIZZ ASSORTED COLOR ERASABLE GEL PEN. Each Gel Pen is erasable with the eraser at the top and fitted with a cushion grip for comfort. Writes smoothly like a regular gel pen but erases like a pencil at any time

ERASABLE. Rub the eraser tip over the unwanted marks and they disappear instantly. Eraser works on all paper, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. Ink will become permanent over time.