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Poker Chips 500 Counts with Black Aluminum Case Poker Set

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500 Chips Black Aluminum Case Poker Set

Type 500 Chips with Black Aluminum Case Poker Set
Features 500 11.5 gram Chips Dice Poker Chips
150 White, 100 Red, 50 Blue, 100 Green, and 100 Black
2 Decks of Playing Cards
Dealer Button
5 Dice
Set of Case Key
Dimensions 8.75" x 23.25" x 2.375"
Approx weight 16.5 lbs


500 counts of 11.5-gram dice poker chips in a black aluminum case. It comes with 150 white chips, 100 red chips, 50 blue chips, 100 green chips, 100 black chips, two decks of cards, five dice, a dealer button, and a key set to lock it.