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Gardening Tools Playset For Kids

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Gardening Tools Playset For Kids


Features Little Garden Playset with tools, flowers, and elephant watering can
It comes with a variety of gardening tools to help the garden grow beautiful bright flowers and maintain them
Tools, flowers, and watering cans are made out of sturdy plastic material so that kids can be rough with them
Let kids grow and help out in the garden!
Playsets are great for kids to get social and an opportunity to use their wild imagination.
Dimensions 12" x 5" x 7"
Weight 2 lbs


Kids can now grow their gardens with this colorful and fun playset. The Little Gardening playset has various garden tools to help kids grow and maintain their gardens. The playset comes with two removable flowers and 2 pots. The elephant watering can is adorable, and kids can help water their garden.

Package Contents:
6 x Garden Tool
2 x Flower and Pot
1 x Watering Can