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Modeling Clay Fluorescent Color Air Dry 0.5 oz. | 6-Count

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  • 6-Count 0.5 oz  Fluorescent Color Air Dry Modeling Clay
  • ✅ COLORFUL AIR-DRY MODELING CLAY. Easy to work with. It sticks to itself with minimal pressure. Ideal for kids three and up. Comes in a variety of vibrant colors.
  • Specifications:
  • Pack Options 3-Pack, 12-Pack, 24-Pack
    Type Air Dry Modeling Clay
    Weight/Count 0.5 oz / 6-count
    Assorted Fluorescent Colors
  • DEVELOPS CREATIVITY. Be creatively engaged with your kids with our safe-to-use dough and clay products. Help kids enhance their logical thinking ability, confidence, and sensory development.
  • EASY TO MOLD, EASY TO CLEAN. This delicate soft, light natural earth clay dries to a hard solid. Easy to use with air modeling techniques. It's also a snap to clean up; there are no mess crumbs, and it dries smoothly.