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Multipurpose SIMPLE STORAGE Utility Box | 4 Bright Colors

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Bright Color Multipurpose Utility Box, Cubes Bin Pen Pencil Boxes Storage, Assorted COLORS MAY VARY Desk Plastic Organizer Case, for Pen Pencil College Student Kids School Supplies, 4-Colors

  • ✅ Perfect for storing crafting and school supplies, and other small items. Featuring a latches lid and an easy-to-stack design. Great gift for young kids for organizing training. Keep everything in their own box so they won't miss anything.
  • ✅ SIMPLE STORAGE. Ideal for the office for organizing compact items like pens, pencils box, markers, whiteout, highlighter, staples, business cards, checks, receipts, and more. Great for storage makeup, painting accessories for girls, artists, and designers
  • ✅ STACKABLE. Lid design allows for the stacking of multiple cases for better space utilization.
  • Measure: 8" x 5.24" x 2.36". COLOR MAY VARY
  • ✅ CLEAR DESIGN. Plastic construction, a clear, translucent view allows you to easily see and find your things efficiently. BPA Free & Non-Toxic.