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Assorted Colors Gel Pen w/Cushion Grip, Assorted Color | 6 Ct

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Frizz Black Erasable Gel Pen with Grip


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3 Pack (3 x 6 Ct = 18 Ct)

12 Pack (12 x 6 Ct = 72 Ct)

24 Pack (24 x 6 Ct = 144 Ct)

Type Assorted Colors Gel Pen w/Cushion Grip
Color Assorted

ESSENCE ASSORTED GEL PENS. Glitter Gel Pens come in an assortment of 6 colors; Actual Colors May Vary! Fulfill all your coloring and writing needs! They're great for taking the dullness out of classroom notes.

SMOOTH APPLICATION. The durable 1.0mm tip can produce fine lines which allows for smooth and precise color application, you could easily get the coloring done without too much effort.