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Pens GR8 BLACK Color Oil Gel Ink, Rubberized Matte Barrel | 3 Ct

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  • GR8 Black Color Oil Gel Ink Pen, Rubberized Matte Barrel, Medium Point Ballpoint Stick Pen for Office School Teacher 
  • Specifications:
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    3 Pack (3 x 3 Ct = 9 Ct)

    12 Pack (12 x 3 Ct = 36 Ct)

    24 Pack (24 x 3 Ct = 72 Ct)

    Type GR8 Black Color Oil Gel Ink Pen, Rubberized Matte Barrel

  • GR8 BLACK COLOR OIL-GEL INK PEN W/ RUBBERIZED BARREL. Smear-free ink flow for superior writing quality. Oil gel pen delivers crisp, clean lines every time with minimal pressure from your hand.
  • SMOOTH, QUICK-DRYING INK. pens come in different shapes and colors. Brilliant designs and color options give you the versatility you need for your everyday writing needs. Our essential selections are quality assured and dependable, providing tremendous value.