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Pull Back Toy Trains, Set Of 12

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 Pull Back Toy Trains, Set Of 12

Features 12 FUN AND COLORFUL TRAINS - Each trains are designed differently and also come in different colors
NO BATTERIES REQUIRED - The trains are friction powered meaning that kids can simply pull back the vehicle and release it to see it zoom forward
HIGH QUALITY DETAILS - They're made out of sturdy hard material for longer lasting play  
TAKE IT ANYWHERE - Kids can enjoy their train anywhere they go! They are compact and easy to carry around wherever they go
GREAT FOR TRAIN ENTHUSIAST - Trains make a great gift for kids who love playing with them and also collecting them. 
Dimensions 11" x 10" x 2"
Approx weight 1 lbs


All aboard the trains! This 12 set of pull back trains will have kids getting excited about the locomotive vehicles. This set comes with 12 unique trains that are fun and very colorful. It simple to use and doesn't require batteries. Just pull back the train and release it, watch it go zooming by! This train set is great for kids who love trains and can add it to their collection.

Package Contents:
12 x Unique Trains