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Puzzles Book KAPPA Hide & Seek Word Finds | 2-Titles

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  • Kappa Hide & Seek Word Finds Puzzle Book (2 Titles); Word Search Find Words Books for Adults Teens, Training Learning with Game
  • Enjoy puzzles, mazes, word search, or crosswords! This puzzle book is ideal for people on the go and will provide hours of entertainment.
    The strain on your brain includes long-term memory, working memory, executive functioning, attention to detail, multitasking, and processing speed.
    Puzzle word finds the book great for both kids and adults to learn, practice, and have a fun time. Challenge for everyone from beginners to pros. Word searches are a proven method for keeping the mind healthy. Perfect gift for those who love word search puzzles!
    ✅ The offer contains ONLY 2 titles regardless of the order quantity placed on this list. 2-Pack | 12-Pack | 24-Pack | 48-Pack (ONLY 2 Titles, This item may vary by title/volume for a total of two per order. Ordering in multiples will not change the title/volume received. The image is meant to display the book you will be receiving only.

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