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Super Market Sweet Shop Playset | Orange

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Super Market Sweet Shop Playset | Orange


Features Comes with a variety of play food like ice cream, popsicle, and popcorn
Easily store all items inside of the cart and take it anywhere you go
Lights up and make sounds
Playset measures at 15x14x8 inches
Battery operated - (not included)
Box Dimensions 12" x 8 x 7"
Approx weight 2 lbs

It's a miniature sweet dessert playset on a ice cream cart. It's filled with delicious sweet ice cream, savory popsicle, and a play popcorn machine! You can practically take this ice cream cart any where you go, since all the items can be stored inside of it. Ice cream popcorn machine can produce shiny lights and makes sound. Great for enhancing kids social skills and imaginative pretend play.

Package Contents:
1 x 43 pc Dessert Playset