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Toy Race Car & Track Sets Parking Garage Diecast Racing Playset

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Parking Garage Diecast Racing Playset


Features Super Parking Garage with Raceway
Stickers included
Comes with 3 Sporty looking car and 1 helicopter
Assembly is required.
Dimensions 18" x 12" x 3"
Weight 3 lbs


The track set parking garage brings hours of fun with the different included settings. For example, the parking garage can be a raceway for speedy drivers, and do not forget to fill up the gas at the gas station. After the gas station, kids can get their car washed, so it'll look shiny to show off to others. This set also comes with a helicopter and a landing zone. Contains 3 Sportscar and helicopters.

Package Contents:
Super Parking Garage Trackset
3 x Sporty cars
1 x Helicopter